NEW YORKOct. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — MUJOSH, a cutting-edge fashion Eyewear Brand, now is proud to announce its “WOODTOPIA” has boarded to New York Fashion Week in September after arrived in the US market with successive grand openings in March 2018.  The “WOODTOPIA” shows the amazing accessories trend, increases the international awareness of Chinese fashion brands, and marks MUJOSH’s new height in the fashion area.

As a top fashion event, New York Fashion Week is a stage for rising designers and an arena for celebrities’ style competition. With so many stylish and fashion-forward artists in the show, it is a milestone for MUJOSH to step into New York Fashion Week. The brand aims to bring its cutting-edge style and innovative spirit to the global fashion stage. In 2018, MUJOSH celebrated its 8th anniversary and refreshed the world’s awareness, which also marks MUJOSH’s new step in the international outlook.New York Fashion Week

WOODTOPIA =WOOD + UTOPIA. The classic WOOD symbolizes timelessness, diversity and vitality, while the UTOPIA represents the different worlds and futures of human imagination.

As a combination of Wood and Utopia, WOODTOPIA represents a new journey in which classic wood will be reshaped and extended. The diverse woods are combined with various materials to collide and inspire the diverse attributes.  The WOODTOPIA concept was born under fashion and futuristic, which explores the connection and expression between classic materials and trendy frames, presenting the multi-attribute properties of wood.

The WOODTOPIA series break the shackles of the traditional frame and stimulates the multi-faceted multifaceted design of the frame. Geometric multi-border type, sharp edges and corners, the design, suitable for a variety of wearing styles, meets the daily needs of young people. Especially for the new titanium metal glasses, the wooden beads are used for decorative, such hand-polished African Ebony wood shows a different subtle interpretation.


Established in 2010, MUJOSH is a cutting-edge fashion eyewear brand headquartered in Hong Kong. Boldly combining unique elements and styles into design, this dedicated brand has an attitude of its own to encourage young groups to think out of the box and to be innovative.

MUJOSH has over 1000 specialty stores located in high-end shopping malls and department stores covering 15 countries including ChinaSingaporeThailandMalaysiaVietnamAustraliaCanadaPhilippinesUnited StatesJapanand so on.

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