Why fashion show costs high?

Participating in a fashion week is a good idea to push yourself into public if money is not a matter for you. Otherwise, it would become difficult to participate. Because for a single show, it would costs around $200,000 in NYFW though there are other fashion weeks (Range from $22,000 to $42,000) they give you less exposure when compared to big fashion shows like NYFW, LFW, PFW, and MFW.

The complete cost of a show depends on the following factorsnew york fashion week

Venue: A venue is the foremost thing for any event and its cost is decided by size, location and other facilities init. The average cost of a venue is $80000.
Embellishing: This cost is regarding venue decorations and styling like lights, sound systems, etc. The average cost of a venue is $40,000.
Models: Models have a key role in fashion shows they charge based on their fame and popularity, & show duration. Generally designer’s tie-up with some agencies to hire models they charge an average of $20,000 and it may vary.
Hair and Makeup: During the show, a model will come up with different outfits at that time a professional hair stylist and makeovers are needed to manage their fairness. For this service, they will charge around $30,000.
Marketing & PR Activities: A success of a show is measured by people at the end so there should be a buzz to reach masses about the show, marketing, and PR agencies will take care of these activities after charging $20000
Other costs: There are some other costs associated with the show like invitation cards, Service staff which takes around $10000.

How to Find a Sponsor?

So it is better to look for a sponsor who helps in introducing your designs.

Research for the upcoming fashion weeks and note some you feel worthy. Create rocking strategy for a successful show and estimated budget as well.

Lookout for potential sponsors and prepare a list of them to approach.

Prepare a sponsorship proposal by mentioning some few positive points about your show submit your proposals as per the sponsor list.

Request them for a meet and explain in detail about the show and highlight benefits. Most of the sponsors will give up after their (designers) boring presentation on the event so, one should well prepare with their presentation to raise funds.

Follow-up the sponsors because they might engage in many activities but keep in mind a follow-up doesn’t mean to disgust them.

LIST of Top Fashion Sponsors


Source: Quora